You Are The Sailor

You. Yes, you!
You are the captain of your own ship
Sail however, wherever, and whenever you have to.
Sail as if it would be the grandest thing.

There’s nothing wrong in falling in love nor in hearing what other people say. Just – just don’t let them manipulate you. If they must speak, let them speak. If they must be heard, hear them. But that does not necessarily mean you have to follow them. Sail your own ship. Navigate the sea. If you want to head north, then do so. If you want to go to the east, go chase the sun! Nothing should stop you, unless…(Yes, there’s an “unless”. There is no absolute freedom in this world. As what they say, your right ends where the other’s starts, sure this quotation is not applicable to everything. It is just here. In this context, in this writing.)…unless you are hurting and taking advantage of others.

Don’t let the blindness of falling in love mislead you. Don’t let it deceive you. Don’t let others’ ideas and believes limit you to what you want to achieve. Their compass may not be your compass. Meaning, all of you may have different directions in navigation — in life. You have your own soul. You have your own life.

The sea is full of wonders underneath. The surface may seem as if it is hollow. Plain blue with a touch of green. What will surprise you are the hidden treasures beneath that blue blanket and waves. Don’t be afraid to dive in! Explore the beauty of it. Just as in life, you have to explore the world. Be a spirited animal. Go travel. Take some risks! You never know what will then knock on your door. Enjoy life for it is wonderful. Enjoy life because aside from your god (if you believe in any), you are the sailor. Taste the sea, swim with the creatures. Taste every sweetness and saltiness of life. Don’t be afraid to know what’s sour or bitter. Sometimes they are also good. Have a small harmless small talk with a random stranger. Smile. You can also live with other individuals in your life. Don’t push anyone who comes close to loving you away. Life is too short, your journey is too short to cater to all the shit in this universe. Love it.

But most importantly, love yourself. Who will sail your ship if it would not be you yourself? 

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