Breaking Up With Self

Maybe we don’t need to find ourselves.
Maybe we already lost it and we can’t take it back.

Recreation is better than finding, right?
You have broken yourself. Well, who cares? It doesn’t have to be everyone’s business. Sometimes we lose ourselves in the time of grief. We unintentionally but forcibly change ourselves to withstand huge waves that come upon us. I used to say I have to bring my old character. I have to search for my goddess. But being able to accept what I cannot have back should also mean being able to love what I have now. I may improve it.

I hate how “finding myself” is such a thing now, a trend. Like, really does everyone need to? Or they’re just trying to be cool? Why can’t people be themselves? Why do they have to wear masks just to try to fit in or stand out?

I say, once you have broken up with your old soul, recreate yourself. Live the life you want. Be wary of the love and the people who give it to you. You’re blessed you are loved. So if others or your god celebrates your existence then why shouldn’t you?


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