Monthly Archives: August 2014

Seems Like Forever

It’s three in the morning,
your eyes are swollen
your hands are shaking
and your head is heavy.

You’re probably confused “why”
You’re probably wondering “what went wrong”
You’re probably asking “how long is this gonna take”
Or just simply “why me”

You may be stuffing yourself with a half gallon of Häagen Dazs
And amazed of how much sweets you can eat
Or you can be sobbing while watching your favorite romantic comedies
And wrapping yourself up with a blanket

Social media is a virtual suicide for you
That’s why you stopped checking your accounts for the meantime
People are asking “How are you doing?”
You just smile, say “I’m good” but inside you’re dying

Sometimes in the night, you go out for a walk
Or even in the daylight you go for a stroll
The problem is you don’t know which path to take
You don’t know which street to cross

Sure you do go out with your groupie
And meet some dudes or hotties
But at the end of the day, you go home
To your white-painted room and cries for the nth time

You don’t listen to the music
You don’t see new films
You don’t appreciate colors
Your world turned to a black and white silent movie

It feels like you’ve been stabbed hard and deep
You’re shedding your skin
And it’s the most excruciating feeling you’ve ever felt
But your trying to rebuild yourself again

Though it seems like it’s gonna take forever to heal
You know that it will happen
Soon again you’re gonna go out,
Walk and enjoy the rays of the sun


To you,
Who’s just like me four months ago.

Your pain seems like it’s gonna take eternity,
But believe me or not,
It shall pass.

Pull yourself together and be happy.