23 Best Mindfuck Movies

I wanna watch ’em allllllll


Mindfuck movies?!

Oh yeah! It means exactly what it says on the title; Movies that’ll play and screw with your mind till the point that you don’t know where you are, or something very similar.

Don’t know what I mean? Have you ever seen a movie, during or after it, that make you go; “What the F just happened here?!” Did you get your mind blown to little pieces and came out bit disappointed at your self for not figuring it out earlier?

Well, here are 23 movies that will play with your head and maybe even make you feel bit silly, but don’t feel down if you don’t get them, because it doesn’t mean you are a total moran, no Sir! It means that the movie was just way too mindfucker for your little brain and that you need to train it to understand better these masterpieces.


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